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A L L   P H O T O S
The Self-portrait in Vadi Ram. Jordan
The Amphitheater in Jerash. Jordan
Archeologist Stanislav Ryzhov
The White rock 08.06.2008г.
Besedka of Michael Glinka. Kachanovka. Chernigov region
Bolsheviks do not surrender!
Flight allowed!
Bagpiper. Jerash. Jordan
In manor Lizoguba. Chernigov region
In what salt of Crimea. Sivash. Crimea
Height Gornaya. Balaklava
Blue dragonfly
Blue window-1
State colors
Thunder-storm approaches
Long-awaited Vadi Ram. Jordan
The road to Kornak. Jordan
Zhitomir's bogatyrs
Sunset in Kachanovka. Chernigov region
Hello, the Ale - Hazna! Petra. Jordan
Green and tasty grass
Green distances. Chernigov region
Winter morning in Chersonese
Winter Chersonese
Get acquainted, Aman! Jordan
Gold of Vadi Ram. Jordan
The hayloft in a pines. Chernigov region
Forest edge. Chernigov region
Cat's house - 2
The dream of the idiot has come true. Vadi Ram. Jordan
White mistletoe and a poplar. Chernigov region
Crimean landscape
Manor Rumjantseva-Zadunajskogo. Kachanovka. Chernigov region
Chernigov landscape
Figure on a monastic wall
A landscape of Sednev. Chernigov region
Lodge of the artist. Chernigov
Father of the big family
Chatir Dag-4
Crimean beauty - opium for people!
Poppies at village Chistenkoe. Crimea
Poppies and a feather grass. Crimea
Monastic birdy
Crimean silver
Foggy decline
On the river of Dreams. Sednev. Chernigov region
Laksk's temple. Crimea
Symbols of Chernigov
Beauty will rescue the world
Going on a hill. Chernigov region
Kherson landscape
Temple of prelate Nikolay. Malorechenskoe. Crimea
Lonely apple tree
To job. Petra. Jordan
Warder in Petra. Jordan
Descendant of bedouins. Petra. Jordan
Midday in Petra. Jordan
The way of dervish. Vadi Ram. Jordan
Seven pillars of wisdom. Vadi Ram. Jordan
Laksk's bells. Crimea
Morning in Petras gorge. Jordan
Сapers. Petra. Jordan
Monastery. Petra. Jordan
Pillars of Jerash. Jordan
Our man in Jordan. Jamal
Mountain ash on milk
Artemis's Temple in Jerash. Jordan
Landscape at Shobak. Jordan
Lenin on walk. Sevastopol
Autumn landscape. Sevastopol
Lawrence of Arabia's Cave. Vadi Ram
Above corals. Red sea. Jordan
Poltava idyl
An apple
The fog. Ay Petri
Crimean night
Echinocereus pectinatus
Autumn in Crimea. Foros
The storm over Kacha
The road to temple
Sunspots hunting
Welcome traveller
Birchen foot-bridge. Yasnaya Polyana
Moonlit night
Lonely and beautiful
Feeding from sea
An eagle fly over Koltebel
On the way to Kherson
The berth. Malorechye
Primorskiy boulevard. Winter
Nestlings Echinocereus pectinatus
School garden
Sweet nook
Gurin's broom
Tasty autumn
Gone out of forest. Ay Petri
Cosy mooring
The wall
The window
Fishermen have dinner
Thunder clouds
To home
Clouds (pink)
Clouds (white)
Grafskaya pier
The stone bridge
Taste for life
The snow and the sea
5 minutes before the raising
Olive in the snow
A strong old man
3 Graces
A dress fromЕthe nature
Falling Ikar
The dream of Shtof Veligin
Veligin’s Shtof
Husbands and wives
Bottles (on the golden background)
English bottles
Bottles (oblique shadows)
Shadows of the bottles
Noah’s ark
White crag
An old aqueduct
The rainbow. 35°
Beacon of Chersonesus
The wall. Chufut-Kale
Massandra palace
An old pier. Sudak
Dedication to G. Arefiev
Unexpected snow
Fog on the Primorsky
Bank’s bridge
Japanese plum
Prickly holly
The Reveler
The golden old age
Blue shadows
A leaf of magnolia
Broad-leaved yew-tree
Beech forest
The Swan
A horse (Impressions)
Thirst (Stones)
Kazan council (Reflections)