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Dear Friends!

Let me introduce myself… My surname is Kharlanov and my first name is Gennadiy. I was born in Tula region, in the city Donskoy, which is not far from the Kulikov battle-field, in 1946.

They say, that all events have their consequences… I was a schoolboy when for the first time I looked at the world through a view-finder of a camera "Leica". That was my first experience of photographing I will never forget… The beauty of the middle region of Russia aroused a wish to take pictures of a splendid view of the clouds, flying in the sky, of a marvelous scenery of the white birch trunks on the dark verdure of the spruce forest, a fascinating life of an ant-hill. I also photographed my friends and acquaintances.

Since then photographing became my greatest passion. I always take photos, whenever I have in impulse of sharing the things I have seen, when there is right time and right circumstances. I try my best to make photographs from the point of view of a person, who is just admiring the things around him. I used various cameras while working, but during the last years I use a different digital cameras Pentax.

The first personal exhibition of my photographs took place in Sevastopol in 2000. Sevastopol is the city, where I have lived and worked since 1965.

I'll be glad, if at least one of my photographs touches the strings of your soul, with the help of which it is attached to your body…
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